• Kyle Polzin

    Growing up along the Texas coast and also spending many happy days in the country with his grandparents gave Kyle Polzin much inspiration for his subject matter as a young artist. Working closely with his father to develop his talents, the artist started his training at an early age. Craftsmanship is a common thread in Polzin’s heritage; his father is a gifted artist and both grandfathers were skilled craftsmen. Along with an appreciation of art, Polzin’s family enjoyed the outdoors. The young artist has been influenced by the many childhood experiences of fishing the coastal waters and hunting and exploring the land with his father and grandfathers.

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    Polzin was encouraged by his family to pursue painting as a career. Upon graduating high school in 1992, he began his formal fine arts training at Victoria College with an emphasis on oil painting. After graduating from college, the artist took advantage of many opportunities to enhance his talents. In 1996, he began instructional sessions with the master painter Dalhart Windberg, whose painting style has influenced him since childhood. This invaluable learning experience helped launch Polzin’s fine art career.

    With a palette of warm tones and serene settings, Polzin’s paintings are acknowledged as masterful compositions reflecting an Old World style. The artist’s talent for composition and his range of abilities allow him to paint a variety of subject matter – from hunting and fishing and coastal scenes to wildlife and still lifes to western themes. Polzin’s works exhibit a combination of quiet strength and character that draws the viewer into his scenes. Whether painting beautiful flowers or memories of hunting or fishing trips, Polzin creates paintings that are striking images that leave a lasting impression.

    Polzin’s original paintings are represented by The Legacy Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, and Scottsdale, Arizona, Port A Gallery in Port Aransas, Texas, and also by Southwest Gallery in Dallas, where, in 2007, he had his first, one-man show. All 27 of the original works exhibited sold on opening night. The artist’s beautiful works have been featured in Southwest Art and Art of the West magazines and on the cover of Texas Outdoors Journal. Texas Ducks Unlimited chose Polzin as their Sponsor Artist for 2006-07 for his painting, “Hunters’ Heritage.” Polzin’s works are also exhibited in corporate and private collections worldwide.

    The artist currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Leigh, and their young daughter, Kate.